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Already in his school days Roland Albrecht, founder, owner and longtime managing director of Alpincervino AG, was fascinated by the mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn. The man from the Upper Valais spent his school vacations in Zermatt and improved his student fund as a porter at a Zermatt hotel. His very first purchase. He discovered that he particularly enjoyed dealing with guests from near and far.

Another door opened for Roland Albrecht as an all-rounder in an energy SME, where he soon realized that he was particularly fond of dialog and sales with customers.

The desire to become self-employed and the professional independence that comes with it became apparent. No sooner said than done, Roland Albrecht opened his own real estate office. Nowhere was this more suitable than in his chosen home town, Zermatt. From then on Roland Albrecht focused on the sale and purchase of real estate. In addition, the management and rental of real estate became further pillars of his business. He was supported, inspired and motivated by his eldest son and business partner, Cyrille.

Alpincervino's heart's desire is to provide both loyal Zermatt enthusiasts and Zermatt newcomers with the right home with a feel-good factor. The right place to stay in the most beautiful mountain village in the world. Customers became partners and long-time, valued friends. The circle of Alpincervinobietet the foundation for a wide network at the famous get-togethers,which are held annually. In this way, complementary to the suitable real estate, the Albrechts also convey friendships that developed and grew stronger over time. This friendly relationship may be the reason why the vast majority of Alpincervino customers have built up a long-lasting relationship with Zermatt.

What has happened since 1977? Scattered all over Zermatt, in nostalgic corners, there are now houses, chalets and apartments that were built under Albrecht's direction or with his collaboration.

Interested to learn more? Surely Roland and Cedric, his youngest son and managing director since 2022, have the key to your Zermatt living happiness for you too. Come by for a coffee and let's discuss your dream home.

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